Harry Giles discovered by being bored how to raise his intelligence to thirty-three points above Einstein. He was a lawyer/economist/psychologist who ran the leading academic schools in the West and, probably, in the world. He designed school curricula and developed methods to increase the operating intelligence of children from twenty-five to sixty-five IQ points. He founded the first bilingual school in Canada. It had three and foure languages in it. He started early academic intervention in every aspect of the curriculum…

Harry Giles has an IQ of 195, at one time the highest in North America, 33 points above Einstein. He had 12 years of University study. When they found out his IQ he was taken off for further research, and after the week they told him he had an active vocabulary of 125,000 words. Most University graduates have 15,000.

When Harry was unhappy with the form of a new proposed Bill, he redrafted it, and it was adopted by the Legislature without a changed comma.. As a young barrister, he won 32 straight cases, and the Chief Justice said that if he gave up education, it was the opinion of the Appellate court that he would be on the Supreme Court of Canada before he was 40, and probably Cheif Justice, before he will die. In Harry Giles research, he discovered how to raise the IQ of every child by 25 points. Based on Harry Giles research, one of the most important thing about nurturing is that all children jumped in their IQ by 25 points. Another is that there were dramatically fewer bullies produced, another was that the school was based upon an
environment of love, and Adlerian psychology.

Harry represented Canada on the first, second, third, and fourth curriculum conference in all areas. His programme to teach time distance, speed and acceleration, was adopted in Germany for Grade 4 in all the states.


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