About the Author


Harry Giles discovered by being bored how to raise his intelligence to thirty- three points above Einstein. He was a lawyer/economist/psychologist who ran the leading academic schools in the West and, probably, in the world. He designed school curricula and developed methods to increase the operating intelligence of children from twenty-five to sixty-five IQ points. He founded the first bilingual school in Canada. It had three and four languages in it. He started early academic intervention in every aspect of the curriculum.

As an economist, he was offered the posts of deputy minister of finance in Kuwait for life and executive director of the Saudi economy at a huge salary, but he declined because of the role played by the Wahhabi. As an apartment owner in Spain, this led him to become aware of the role played by the Muslim Umayyads, making Andalusia the cultural and intellectual center of the world and tolerant of Christians and Jews. He wrote a book about it.

An outstanding appellate counsel, he was asked by the chief justice of the High Court to give up education, which would lead him to being appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada by the time he was forty and Chief Justice of Canada before he died. He replied that education was more important. Active in classical music, art, and drama, he tried to put beauty into every aspect of the school curricula and make school exciting and fun. He also lectured at the university level.