When I started a school for our children with my wife, I knew almost nothing about preuniversity education. My education at the University level included English, religion, psychology, law, science, and mathematics.I had 12 years of University study, although most of my learning came from my private reading.

Faced with what I did not know I had to answer, or find the answers to many questions:
How did I get an IQ opf 195?
How can one increase, if one ca, the IQ in all children;
How can one educate children not only in the pitiful, limited deprival of education that characterizes our society;
How can we educate them so that they all come mentally healthy?
If we are educating them bilingually, or multilingually, how can this be done to a high level without stress;
What are the best texts in English, or French, where are they from;
What is the best time to start an enriched education;
What are the best examining centers in English;
From what countries do the best teachers come from;
What are the most successful methodologies for teaching anything?
What is the appropriate class size for superlearning;
What is the best way to teach tolerance, love, and democracy;
How can a child be persuaded to try beyond his normal skill level;
What extra languages are most appropriate;
What changes in curriculum are required to ensure that both boys, and girls are equally facile in all areas.

Lyric Love Poems is the result of a total love of my late wife,Anna. I could not face a funeral in 1975 when she died of chemotherapy, and broke down 3 months later to cry until I expiated the anguish by writing love poems to her.This changed to a love of life,and nature, and my like to all men’s solitary condition.


The Umayyads were early Muslim Caliphs who valued Jewss and Christians, and who put the cross on their public buildings and their coins. They were overthrown by some heretics from Persia, and Iraq, against the will of those in Saudi Arabia, and Syria.

One survived, and went to Spain, and built the intellectual center f the earth which was tolerant, highly educated, and with nearly 1 million hand written volumes in their libraries while the rest of Euore had 1,500 such volumes. Their libraries saved the culture of ancient Greece including Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates.

They were repeatedly attacked by external forces including the Abbasids, and Constantine, but defeated them all until Granada surrendered, but Ferdinand & Isabella broke the treaty, and their word, and expelled the Jews and the Muslims from Spain.


This work is a combination of research, applied research, and ultimate success. When I got into it, I was a university lecturer in three different areas. I knew nothing about preschool, primary school, or secondary school except that I had passed through them. I had wanted my psychologist wife to run the first bilingual school in Canada, but there were so many legal problems imposed by an uninformed ministry that I had to become headmaster as well as to continue to practice law to earn my livelihood and to subsidize the school in its dramatic growth. Since I knew how to research, I found out the best schools in the world, visited them, and adopted their procedures. I visited fourteen countries, studied the approaches of perhaps forty schools, was helped by the government of France, and ended up with one school that was probably the most successful academic school in the world. It dominated the Putnam University Level Mathematics Competition; beat every country in the world in the Chemistry and Physics Olympiads except Russia; and beat most of the European countries regularly, some every year. When the university professors chose the Canadian Olympiad teams, they almost always chose the students from the Toronto French School because they had covered 2–3 1/2 years of the program at the University of Toronto because I knew how to hire gifted teachers and because our programs were enriched beyond any that I knew of in the world. Because of my complex approaches and early academic intervention, all of the children had a boost in measured IQ. Unhappily, they dropped my ideas of teachers, dropped my psychological approaches, my learning methodologies, and neither of the two schools now even reach the Putnam or the Olympiad teams for any of their students and do not win regular national science fair gold medals or national mathematics competitions.